“Mom and Nanny” HISTORY

It all began in June 2002, when a mom with an active half year old baby in a baby carrier was standing in a cue to register… a company. The municipality employees were smiling unusually wide and the smiles widened even more when they heard the title – “Mom and Nanny”.

The original idea, actually, was a “mom – nanny”, i.e. helping the families to find a nanny who was raising her own child: not only to save money, but also to have an educated nanny, naturally interested in children (this idea has been more popular in Kaunas).

In August 2003 we founded “The Academy of Mom and Nanny”

At first, it was shaping to be a program about a ”continuously developing nanny”, but later it turned into “The Academy of Mom and Nanny”. The idea is simple: a good nanny does not necessarily need pedagogical education. The most important thing is to find the right person – good character, good mental health, experienced and loving children and only then providing her with additional knowledge.

Since December 2003, we have been rated and recommended by the longest published parent magazine in Lithuania “Tavo vaikas (Your Child)”.

In December 2003, we opened a branch in Kaunas and also started selecting nannies for work abroad.

During the following 10 years the agency was collecting the ideas of how to help parents who are busy, rushing, but nevertheless loving their children. In the future “Mom and Nanny” will be a provider of complex and high-quality services to families – no matter a pregnant mom or a mature family. Right now, our mission is to provide the best possible child care in Lithuania and other countries.

VERY PERSONAL. ABOUT ME or who is Ieva Augustinienė

More than twenty years ago (alongside with my other studies) I have graduated a Family Pedagogue School. I have studied German and was getting ready to work as an au-pair in Germany, however I stayed in Lithuania. The decision seemed a little silly, yet there was something more important to me. Love. The future family. It seems that I had a flair…

I have been writing about children for a while, have worked as a reporter for the magazine “Tavo vaikas“ and have been studying. I married the man I loved, due to whom I have stayed in Lithuania. We are still together.

I am the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter. Naturally, I have been taking care of children since my young age. I was writing songs to cousins, poems to my little brother and got up at night to take my little sister to the potty. I saw the nannies of my brother and sister, so I knew well what to avoid when choosing a nanny for the first time for my child. I smile even now, when I remember the horror and panic of that time. After all it is my little baby! It was a serious challenge for a young mom, raising a “cuddly baby” (name given by the aunts, because I almost ne

ver let my child out of my arms).

Now I can understand the fears and anxiety of the clients, since I have gone through the same experience.

Growing from a “little mom” to be a proper mom, I read plenty of literature, attended seminars, workshops about the needs of a child. When my second daughter was born I realized that I want to help such mothers, or such parents as myself – those who really care about their children, who designate all their time to their child, who care about the child what it is doing and with whom, how it is being treated and taught. The child who is learning to be independent and observe his developing and loving parents.

After founding the agency, the learning was far from over. I was learning not to rely on my first impression (some moms take it for intuition) – we were discussing the candidates’ test results with psychologists and as time passed, I was comparing my opinion with the way these nannies worked. Once I almost made the same “intuition“ mistake – the candidate seemed great, until the psychologist called and told that this woman would need a medicine prescription…

Through hundreds of selection processes I have acquired a strong experience and knowledge, which I share with those, who find these issues relevant. If you are in need of a nanny currently, I heartily invite you to meet me to discuss your needs. If interested, check our services.

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