Choosing a long-term nanny

Let’s meet online. Fill out the questionnaire. Let’s talk

Find out how we work and fill out the form. Please indicate in the questionnaire what kind of babysitter is needed, what qualities are desirable and undesirable, what is the child’s character, health (whether professional or specific care is needed), family habits.

The questionnaire can be filled in at the office or electronically. After completing the questionnaire, the requirements are discussed, the contract is signed, and after the signing it is possible to get candidates. Clients are introduced to the details of the proposed nanny, and impressions are discussed after the meeting with the candidate.

Choosing a permanent  (full-time) nanny.


Full TimePrice/Price up to 8 hours per dayPaymentComment
In Vilnius, Kaunas and throughout Lithuania700€/655€340€ + 360€

Paid twice: € 340 then signing the contract and € 360/315 in two days you choose the babysitter you will be trying for.

Abroad1000€/900€550€ + 450€Paid  twice: € 550 then signing the contract, € 450/350 in two days you choose the babysitter you will be trying for.
Consulting contract25 €/month

You want to be sure you don’t have to pay extra to the agency if for example you need a nanny with a different schedule? Choose the full service package. The consultation contract can only be signed during the first (probationary) month of the nanny’s work. “Mom and Nanny Academy” is included in the Consultation Agreement.

Nanny selection for a half day or less

Part-time nanny search is no different from a full-time nanny. The questionnaire indicates your desired working hours and how much flexibility you can offer when adjusting your schedule and that of the nanny.

A nanny is to be called for at least four hours at a time, or you should agree fee of at least four hours.

A nanny working on a variable schedule

When filling out the nanny’s unusual schedule, indicate what rule the nanny’s work plan will be based on (every three days, even-odd days, etc.). 

Kindergarten babysitter – the nanny, who works when the child is ill, also in the evenings, on weekends. If the babysitter is only occasionally needed, such as when a child attends kindergarten or school but is often ill or in other similar situations, it is also worth considering a regular person. The questionnaire should list as accurately as possible the frequency and cases in which a babysitter will be required.


Reviews by parents