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    I have been looking for a nanny for a long time, because I live in the suburbs and not all nannies find public transport convenient or can use it. So, I had already lost hope to find someone to help me out. Friend of mine recommended to try a professional nanny agency “Mom and Nanny” and the founder Ieva Augustinienė, who can recommend how to help the family at certain time according to the family’s needs and opportunities and chooses nanny professionally. This is how the nanny Galina came to our home, she took care of my boy from 1 to 2 years old. In the case of sickness, she also took care of his sister (4 years old). She was like a second mother to my children, her wisdom, help, advice and caring was the best I got at that time.

    Galina is a caring, reliable, responsible and a very dutiful nanny. She was always easy to agree upon, find the right solutions for the family. When leaving the children with her I knew that they are really going to be taken good care of – fed and taken to bed on time, taken outside in good weather or played with at home in bad weather, she always kept them engaged and took care of them.

    That is why I recommend the nanny Galina as a good nanny as well as the “Mom and Nanny” agency as a professional help in finding a good nanny.