About Mom And Nanny

There are friends, there is family and there are friends who become family – this saying perfectly suits our agency.
The clients are happy to avoid inconveniences and save time in finding a warm-hearted and honest nanny for their child.

  • Your child is our priority
  • The strictest selection process in Lithuania
  • Statistically the choice is made out of 1-2 nannies

We conduct the selection as if those were our own children

Our company provides a permanent database, a possibility to consult child psychologists, development psychologists and adult psychologists.
In Vilnius and Kaunas we work with experienced psychologists, we choose professionals who not only specialize in clinical psychology, but also… have children.
It is important to us, that the selected people, who will come to work to your family, are psychologically stable, sensitive, and patient.
Our requirements are high – we select the nannies whom we could surely entrust with our children.


The agency Mom And Nanny was founded on 3rd of June, 2002.
We have the highest requirements for the nannies, chose a multi-step psychological selection process in order to minimize the risk arising from welcoming a stranger to your home, especially when entrusting them with your children.

Nanny training

In August, 2003 we founded The Mom And Nanny Academy, so that nannies would fulfil not only the child’s need for safety and caring, but also of curiosity and not missing out the period that is the most receptive to training.

The book

In 2018 a publishing house Alma Littera published a book by Ieva Augustinienė How To Choose A Nanny. It contains a 15 year experience of nanny selection at the agency Mom And Nanny:  tips for parents – from choosing a nanny and habituating the child into becoming good employers; stories about nannies and the work of a nanny agency.

The needs of parents

In order to provide their children with the best, the parents have to go to work, grow, communicate and achieve. That is when they find themselves in need of a nanny (as the modern grandparents also have their dreams and future plans…). Mom And Nanny was founded in order to continue the work that you have started with a new born child – giving your attention, care and knowledge.

When you reply – we appreciate it

There are families in touch with their chosen nannies until today – even in fifteen-sixteen years they are invited to birthday parties or asked to provide evening care for the children. The clients are happy to avoid inconveniences and save time in finding a warm-hearted and honest nanny for their child.

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